Amidst the decadence of the release of his film 'The Great Gatsby,' Leonardo DiCaprio is making good on his promise to help endangered animals and the environment, raising $38.8 million at a recent auction to benefit his charity.

Maybe this is why the ladies love him so much.

DiCaprio joined with renowned auction house Christie's for the event, which was dubbed the 11th Hour Auction. It was expected to earn $18 million for conservation efforts, so we're gonna go out on a limb here and say it was a success. (In fact, it was reportedly the biggest auction haul to ever benefit environmental causes.)

Said DiCaprio in a statement:

Despite the significant efforts of organizations and individuals all over the world, our modern way of life has caused unprecedented devastation to our oceans, our forests and our wildlife.

Each of these natural systems is critical to our way of life: They provide us with the food that we eat, the air that we breathe and the natural resources we need to survive. The time to protect them is long overdue.

Thirty-three works of donated art were auctioned off -- nine of them went for over a cool million each, and Leo even offered up something from his own private collection (an Andreas Gursky piece called 'Ocean V').

An additional $5 million was also collected from a donor who matched the sales on three tiger paintings to aid a fund that directly benefits tiger conservation.

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