Lady Gaga had a wardrobe malfunction during a concert over the weekend, literally busting out of her pants in the middle of a performance.

Clad in a latex catsuit (or maybe leggings but shut up, there aren't any catchy plays on words for that), Gaga's derriere almost split her outfit in half during her concert in Vancouver, Canada on Jan. 11.

The torn pants exposed Gaga's fishnet-clad behind to the omnipresent cameras. Whoops.

The incident in question occurred during a performance of 'Heavy Metal Lover,' in which Gaga jumps on a motorcycle for a portion of her routine. Sadly, her Versace pants didn't take too kindly to the stunt and were having none of the abuse.

Witnesses report that she took the whole thing in stride and continued performing as if nothing had happened. Standard operating procedure for a woman who wears sides of beef and shoes shaped like male genitalia, really.

Meanwhile, Sharon and Kelly Osbourne are likely off somewhere having a good snicker. Score one for the Osbourne ladies in their continuing feud with Mother Monster.

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