Despite a report just a few days ago in which friends claimed Kim Kardashian isn't pregnant, her rep now says she is.

And of course Kanye West is the proud baby daddy.

Kardashian's rep just confirmed the news, and Kanye himself told the crowd at his Atlantic City show on Sunday night, saying, "Stop the music and make noise for my baby mama” -- gesturing to Kim, who was there.

Assuming this isn't some giant publicity stunt or that Shakira's boyfriend isn't behind it, looks like Kris Jenner is about to get another bouncing baby to exploit.

Of course, there's still the matter of Kim's not-yet-dissolved marriage to Kris Humphries to sort out, but we're guessing she's a whole lot more motivated to get rid of that little 72-day problem now.

She's reportedly about 12 weeks along -- and you know we'll all hear way more than we ever wanted to about Kim's bun and the state of her oven as this whole thing progresses.

Because if there's anything more attentionwhorish than Kim Kardashian, it'll be a pregnant Kim Kardashian.

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