As if angering the Middle East with her tweets about the Israel-Palestine conflict weren't enough, Kim Kardashian set off protests in Bahrain on Saturday during her Millions of Milkshakes promotional tour.

How we wish that was a metaphor.

Some people were willing to shell out $1,200 just to get a glimpse of Ms. Kardashian at a mall opening, but about a hundred Islamic protesters outside spent nothing at all to shun the reality star, save for some markers and poster board to make signs like the one that read, "Syria receives martyrs while Bahrain receives whores."

(Psst. She probably thought you were a welcoming committee.)

While the protestors were shooed off with stun grenades, Kardashian remained oblivious, tweeting her thanks to ruler Sheikh Khalifa (who isn't so popular with the locals) and complimenting him on his beautiful dictatorship.

Although to be fair, she spent most of her time posing with dromedaries and shopping and less time pretending she plans to vacation in Bahrain.

Further proving that she has yet to learn anything about the Middle East, Kim wore a cleavage baring dress in Kuwait. Because who needs cultural understanding when you have a rack like that?