Remember that time Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner was dating that young, attractive blonde?

No, not that one. Not that one either. Or that one. Or those two.

That's right, it's Crystal Harris, the 26-year-old model who was previously engaged to Hefner back in 2011 but broke things off five days before the wedding when she got “I'm marrying a man old enough to be my grandfather” feet.

They're kind of like cold feet, but people only get them around Hugh Hefner.

Regardless of their horrible mistakes past difficulties, the couple is once again re-engaged and set to tie the knot on New Year's Eve. Or five days before that if Harris decides to pull another 'Runaway Bride' stunt.

After moving back into the Playboy Mansion last year, sources say the couple is stronger than ever, and that "Harris feels the time she spent apart from Hef really taught her how to be independent and stand on her own two feet, something she felt she needed."

In other words, Harris realized Hefner is 86 and rich and what's a few years of her life when she'll spend the rest of them a wealthy widow?

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