We've called Kim Kardashian many things, but "art" is not one of them. (That would make Leonardo DaVinci and the rest of the Ninja Turtles roll over in their graves.)

But tongue-in-cheek street art? That, we'll take.

This pasting, in which Kim is apparently gestating the most fashionable creature from 'Alien' to ever burst out of a stomach, appeared in Los Angeles and is the work of LA-based street artist BumBoy WC.

It's probably his most famous piece of art, with photo-snappers waiting over five minutes to get a shot of it, but BumBoy is also known for his political commentary and his other pop culture pieces, like a pasting of Chris Brown with a comic book POW! symbol by his fist.

Informative and interactive!

Of course, this isn't the first Kim K. street art, but it's definitely our favorite. How many other times do you get to see an alien sporting Kanye West's signature and impractical glasses?


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