Though soon-to-be baby daddy Kanye West has long hated paparazzi, Kim Kardashian has never made a secret of her love of being photographed. (Why else would she be so often accused of calling to tip them off?)

So color us surprised when she flipped out at paps yesterday (May 24).

To her credit, Kardashian remain relatively calm despite photogs not respecting her need for space while she and mom Kris Jenner trudged through LAX.

It was when she got to her waiting SUV that things got ugly. Kardashian was about to hop in through the rear passenger side door when an overly invasive paparazzo attempted to open the rear driver's side door in an effort to get even more pointless photos of the unreal reality starlet.

That led K.K. to utter the only words she said the photographers at all: "Shut the f--ing door, you idiot!"

It got worse. Kardashian's driver, furious with the transgression, confronted the pap -- and it got ugly enough for onlookers to have to pull the altercation apart.

On the bright side, there were no signs around, so Kimmy's head was fine.