Pink brought a whole lot of trouble down on her gorgeous head when she was recently forced to cancel a concert in Birmingham, England due to ear and respiratory infections.

(When you're famous, you're expected to be impervious to all illness. Didn't you know?)

In response to the inane backlash after she had to nix the April 22 show, Pink finally tweeted:

After the ish continued to fly, Kelly Clarkson finally stepped in to set all the naysayers straight, using her WhoSay account to basically tell everyone to STFU:

@pink how dare you only work 364 days this year. I can't believe you got sick. That never happens to anyone ....ever. You're so lazy #nameonepersonthathasherschedule,singswhileflying,andisamom ....seriously people. Tired of seeing everyone giving her crap. We're all human. Relax.

Pink later penned a poignant letter that sounded like she ripped out her own heart and wrote the apology in her own blood so fans would know how terrible she felt. But make no mistake about it -- she'd had enough of explaining herself.

"For the loyal and understanding fans, I am so so sorry if I've hurt you in any way," she closed the lengthy missive. "For the rest of you ... kindly kiss my entire almost-back-to-healthy ass."

Listen closely and you'll almost hear the mic-drop.

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