Yes, Kate Middleton has a crumpet in the royal oven, so it won't be long until her normally tall and willowy frame will boast a burgeoning bump that the world will "oooh" and "aaah" over like she's about to give birth to the Baby Jesus himself.

Given the classic and stylish outfits she's always worn, we can probably expect more of such in the months to come. So this is as good a time as any to hum 'The Way We Were' and peruse some of the Duchess of Cambridge's best looks -- before her waistline starts to really expand.

She's always been elegantly slim, and thus careful not to let volume, bulk or fabric overwhelm her. In addition, she's inherently classy, so she never shows too much skin (well, not on purpose anyway).

Kate has a few signatures. She favors black boots and black tights with dresses, but she's not afraid of color or light-hued frocks, either. She's often buttoned-up and tailored, but the result is never dowdy -- even though it could be, thanks to the stiffness of the monarchy into which she married.

And we know she has an innate sense of style, which is probably why she'd never even consider wearing something the Kardashian family sent over.

See this tan, belted Burberry trench with its flirty hem, paired with with black tights? It's an absolutely fabulous and modern combo, and she remained loyal to an English fashion house with the choice. It may be the ultimate in chic, but it's so versatile that she can have a spot of tea or visit the commoners.

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Here, she's playful in conservative tartan by Alexander McQueen, but with semi-unexpected colors. We love the mix of navy blue and hunter green with black tights and the aforementioned boots. Those up the ante and make this classic outfit a little more contemporary in its styling. But then again, that's what the late, great McQueen was known for.

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But Kate isn't always tailored and prim. Look at how beautiful she is in this white Grecian goddess gown (another McQueen creation).

It has a lovely empire waist -- very Jane Austen of her, by the way, so it's another nod to an English treasure -- and golden details. This could have been worn by Jennifer Aniston on a red carpet at the Emmys.

It's also pretty cool that the Duchess tends to stick with clothes created by her fellow countrymen, even though she quite literally has a world of designers from which to choose.

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Hats are very British, and while they might seem staid and stiff, Kate's youthful suit dress (a bespoke creation from Emilia Wickstead) with a swirly feminine hem brings this one into the 21st century. Millinery is not something that's a big part of American fashion, but Kate makes toppers seem accessible and wearable.

Come on, doesn't this make you want to check out a Philip Treacy hat? Even a little bit?

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Her yellow eyelet dress, made by an independent seamstress, is perfect for summer, paired with tan ankle-strap wedges. The buttery hue is Kate's take on sexy and subtle, and it's similar to something Taylor Swift would wear on one of her sporadic good fashion days.

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And this list would be incomplete if we failed to point out her wedding dress, in which she very fittingly looked like a princess.

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So now we have a glimpse into what types of maternity wear she'll sport (well, other than the wedding dress, because "hillbilly pregnant bride" isn't a good look on anyone).

Designers, start your gestational engines.