Last year, Kim Kardashian and her sisters -- having a glut of extra Ks sitting around the house -- released a clothing line called the Kardashian Kollection. It's sold exclusively at Sears, so you know it's of the highest quality.

Anyway, while teen girls have been snapping up the duds, seems Kate Middleton really isn't interested.

On a recent trip to London, Kim sent the Duchess some free dresses in hopes that the sight of her out and about wearing them would boost the Kollection. And apparently because she wants to be besties with a royal of the not reality-show variety.

Because come on, they have so much in common. Kate was caught on camera nude, and so was Kim. Of course Kate was horrified when it happened to her and didn't market the scandal to bring herself undeserved fame and fortune, but whatever. Details, details.

For reasons unknown, it seems the slim wife of Prince William has responded to Kim's gift with stony silence. Sad trombone.

Maybe Kim sent the wrong size. She did, after all, recently announce the Kardashian Kollection would soon include a line for women with more robust figures.

Or maybe Kate has just seen Kim wearing some of the clothes, causing her to giggle in ladylike fashion before retiring for a spot of tea and rolling her eyes at what passes for beauty in the US.

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