Kat Von D is taking every imaginable step to delete the drama from her life. First she got a restraining order against a stalker, and now she's getting rid of possibly the dumbest thing she's ever done: Jesse James.

Though the pair split last year, the 'L.A. Ink' star vowed to never get James' childhood mug erased from the canvas that is her torso. However, it looks like that tattoo, that promise and that relationship really weren't destined for eternity, because she's lasering it off completely.

Kat tweeted about her visit to Dr. Tattoff (c'mon, he was made for this), writing, "AND SO IT BEGINS! First round of tattoo removal well underway! :) #freshstart." The post was accompanied by the photo above, featuring the laser being aimed right at James' eyes.

TMZ notes that Von D previously insisted the tattoo had "a lot of meaning" and she wanted to preserve the memory it represented. We don't blame her for backing away from that. Who would want to remember boning the Vanilla Gorilla in all his neo-Nazi, crawling-with-venereal-disease glory?

For Von D's most recent beau, self-important EDM artist Deadmau5, to be an upgrade, you better believe Jesse James is someone you'd want to forget.