Kanye West is one of the most stylish dudes around. He has his own high-end, eponymous fashion line -- and unlike the clothing companies created by so many of his peers, it's not stuff you can nab at the mall. 'Ye has fashion shows in Paris, and he takes the endeavor seriously.

So it's no surprise that he usually hits the mark, whether he's rolling in kicks, jeans and leather, or on a red carpet in a tux.

That said, there have been times we were all, "Yeezy, WTF?"

Case in point: His recent leather kilt, paired with pants and a hoodie. The urban gladiator thing didn't do it for us. Sorry, 'Ye. Props for trying to pull it off, though.

Larry Busacca, Getty Images

West tends to favor solids and coordinates - he usually stays within a color family in a single outfit and excels at mixing high and low, something that the average Joe can easily emulate. When he tries to be too fashion forward, that's when he stumbles.

Here, Yeezy is firing on all cylinders in a monochromatic outfit given a pop of color courtesy of his sneakers and his bling. The leather pants fit right. The blazer is the perfect cut. The sneakers dress it down a tad.

Pascal LeSegretain, Getty Images

But here, he misses the mark entirely in an all-denim ensemble. Granted, he was at the loose and fun VMAs, but still. He looks sloppy.

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

He also has a flair for the dramatic (and the silly), like the angel wings he wore to the 2006 Grammys. If nothing else, Kanye definitely stands out, nine times out of 10.

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What's Right:

West looks casual, cool, comfortable, and - most importantly - copyable (by his fans) in a leather jacket and hoodie. It's effortless, casual chic.

Gareth Catermole, Getty Images

Again, his shades of black and grey are anything but boring, since it's such a pulled-together look. The distressed leather jacket is somethin' else.

Neil Vasquez, Getty Images

But the rapper doesn't live in jeans and t-shirts -- he also cleans up pretty well. In this structured tan trench with a white ensemble, he's sharp-dressed and dapper.

Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images

Check out 'Ye in a tux. And who's that accessory on his arm? None other than Carine Roitfeld, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, who's not exactly a slouch in the fashion industry.

Francois Durand, Getty Images

West also has a signature accessory: his shades. His oversized sunglasses add a touch of glamour.

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We even love his fringed moccasins, which add some flair to his black and grey outfit at a Rodarte fashion show in 2011. He spends a lot of his free time soaking in the world of style, and it filters down into his own looks.

Dario Cantatore, Getty Images

He may have been working up a sweat performing at Cannes, but he still looked crisp while doing it.

Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images

What's Wrong: 

West often overdoes it, as in the nerdy sweater, denim jacket and bow tie here. It's too busy and stylistically disconnected.

Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images

Jeans and leather are Kanye hallmarks, but the shredded jeans below are overkill.

Dave M. Bennett, Getty Images

Here's another Yeezy hallmark gone haywire. These overly styled glasses are not his best choice since they clash with the bling around his neck, and the branding is a little screamy.

Thomas Robinson, Getty Images

Changing of the guard? No, changing of the jacket. This boxy military cut isn't polished enough for someone with Kanye's edge.

Bryan Bedder, Getty Images

At the 2006 Grammys, West wore a lavender suit with white sneakers and pristine waiter gloves. It was weirdly matchy-matchy and the color was meh.

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

How to Fix It:

West should stick to kicked-up casuals. It's all in the details, and 'Ye usually gets those right. When he overthinks it, it shows. The look below is a good example of keeping it simple.

Neil Mockford, Getty Images

Monochromatism is Yeezy's best friend. Even though you could get snowblind looking at him and girlfriend Kim Kardashian in her eggshell dress, they pair nicely.

Christopher Polk, Getty Images