Paparazzos are sometimes annoying or aggressive. A photog who caught up with Kanye West (en route to cure a leper, probs) in New York this weekend was being neither -- but that didn't stop Yeezus from throwing a holy hissy fit.

When an unsuspecting pap tossed the rapper a softball, asking, "What's good, Kanye?" he responded, "Don't ask me questions, man!" (That's right. You are no longer allowed to ask Kanye West how he is doing.)

But it's not even questions that are off-limits. When the pap said to Yeezy's back, "Happy belated birthday!" Kanye yelled, "Shut up! Don't ever talk!"

He's got a new album being released soon, baby Khristy on the way and he's filthy rich. So what's got him down?

Probably all that pressure from being a man-god. Yeezy took the opportunity to explain the genesis of his new album's title, 'Yeezus,' at an exclusive listening party on Monday, June 10, by saying, "Simply put, 'West' was my slave name and 'Yeezus' is my God name."

And you know what? He's justifiably angry. How upset would you be if people were constantly running up to you with banal requests like "heal my blindness" or "turn this piece of bread into a lobster" while you were busy trying to ignore your girlfriend?

Probably pretty annoyed.


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