Justin Bieber is a stylish dude. Sure, he dons some questionable ensembs -- but who doesn't at 19? His style is evolving and he has the luxury of being young, which means he's allowed to make fashion mistakes.

But for the most part, he often presents himself as a teen wearing jeans and kicks, accessorized with a healthy amount of bling. He pretty much lives in sneakers, even at formal red carpet events. But he does jack things up a notch in fabric and styling, and he's almost always coordinated on the color wheel.

Most of the time, his offstage clothes are quite similar to that which he wears while performing, but with some added touches or upping of the ante. We've focused on his post-Bieber-bangs, 17-and-up styling here.

He was casual in neutral tones and remained in the gray color family when grabbing a caffeinated beverage while Down Under.

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Aaaaaand here he's shirtless. With his pants on the ground. In England. In March 2013. It was chilly and he was a total style mess. We soooo didn't need to see his tighty whiteys. The high-top sneaks were too '80s, too.

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What's Right:

His details are key. The denim vest broke up the monochromatic black look. This is how a teen pulls a look together.

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We don't see it often lately, but he cleans up nicely, like at the 2011 Oscars. He wore a red handkerchief, as his lady love Selena Gomez was in a crimson gown. Expect a 17-year-old to figure out how to get away with wearing jeans and sneakers to a formal event, but at least his details (the jacket's sheen, the bowtie) elevated the look.

It was cohesive and from a distance, you couldn't tell that he had jeans and kicks on.

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A tux, with slicked hair? Very nice. More of this, please. Notice he kept his teen and signature Biebs' edge with glossy kicks? We just wish it was a bit more tailored and tighter, but baggy tends to be his clothing comfort zone.

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We know it's a stage costume, but he looks damn fine in white -- and a suit, at that. The tailoring works for him.


What's Wrong:

Too matchy matchy, this outfit reeks of trying too hard.

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This was said to be a joke, but it really wasn't funny. Zubaz pants were out of style like a dozen years ago. No need to bring 'em on back. Who's laughing? Not us. (And WTF is with two watches?)

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While he's been incorporating leather into his looks since 'Believe' came out, the skirt here look was a big no-no and threatened his (sometimes questionable) masculinity. We couldn't even tell if it was a baggy crotch or a skirt over pants, which also means he needs a tailor to make his clothes fit properly.

Not even Kanye West could pull off a leather skirt -- and if this was indeed a skirt, neither can the Biebs. Sorry, broseph!

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Chanel is fine, but if he wants to wear a balaclava (aka a ski mask), leave poor Coco out of it, eh?


How to Fix It:

We like when The Biebs split with the swoopy bangs. This Jimmy Neutron-like pompadour feels classic on him.


He's a teenager and a boy, so it's fine that he wears baggy jeans and sneaks. But a tighter belt would lift his pants AND this outfit. We've seen sloppier, but then again, The Biebs has an army of people at his disposal so a stylist could help with the details on his casual, not-on-stage attire.


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Leather is fine, when dosed like this. It can be a part of the outfit ... just not as a skirt.

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We'd like to see more of this -- tailored and pulled together, yet still edgy in a matinee idol, James Dean-kinda way.

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