It's Friday, August 30, and Labor Day weekend is fast approaching. In response, plans were made to cross-dress, eat like a champion and melt some faces among other things. Basically, the weekend is pretty much here, and thus Twitter was filled with much rejoicing.

Hmmm, either Justin Bieber is being really existential or he's just lost.

In case it was keeping you up at night, this is what Tyra Banks looks like as a man.

Blake Shelton has big plans for tonight.

This is just the kind of eloquence we would expect from Ryan Lochte.

Zachary Quinto is adorably matching his shirts to his ice-cream.

Okay guys, who gave Karen Gillan things to hurt herself and others with?

James Van Der Beek is going to be outnumbered by baby number three.

We're down with riding a Pegasus in our mind with Andrew W. K.

Andy Richter likes rocking out to B-B-B-B-Benny and the Jets.

And just like that, Seth MacFarlane made a Robin Thicke/Charles Dickens joke.

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