Today (June 27) the celebrities were feeling some nostalgia for times gone by, helped other celebs find new career paths, made a few dirty comments and even had some fun with a skunk.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has come a long way, baby.

Oh, Mr. MacFarlane. Always with the laughs.

After the MacFarlane tweet, we can’t tell if Yoko Ono was being dirty here or not. (We hope she was.)

Lisa Lampanelli has been kind enough to find new work for Lance Armstrong.

Kevin Smith spent the day questioning choices he made with the disaster that was ‘Jersey Girl.’

While Kelly Osbourne questioned fashion choices she made.

And -- pretty much the best thing you’ll hear all day -- 'Bachelor' bride-to-be Catherine Giudici was sprayed by a skunk. Classic. (We’re just sad there’s no Vine for this one.)

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