Selena Gomez has no issue openly making fun of Justin Bieber or using his voicemails in her songs when she wants some press attention, but here go Hell come if you dare to actually ask her about him.

In a video call with WGN, an interviewer had the nerve to ask Gomez about Bieber, whose voice can be heard in her song 'Love Will Remember' and with whom who she poses for Instagram photos when they have albums and singles to promote.

The question was fairly innocuous, as the gentleman simply asked if there's anything the world doesn't know about the Biebs, especially in light of his recent controversies. Their actual relationship, should it even be real anymore instead of a glorified tween PRomance, was never mentioned.

Still, Gomez, determined to talk only about the music that she neither wrote nor played instruments on but is so passionate about, flipped out, albeit quietly.

Her facial expression makes a marked change as she looks over to someone else, most likely her hyperprotective PR team -- and they cut the call immediately.

C'mon, Sel. You can't have your camera-ready cake and eat it too without looking a little hypocritical -- even if you simultaneously look super cute while doing it. A simple "no comment" would have sufficed.

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