Tell us if you've heard this before (because we know you have): Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are together and totally in love. Then they split, and she makes fun of him somehow, whether passive aggressively in a choreographed video or outright on a talk show.

Then Jelena get back together and show it over social media. Guess what? That's happening right now.

Bieber posted a photo of himself with Gomez on Instagram today (July 5), captioning it "heartbreaker," ostensibly after the gal who made him cry (then giggled about it) and also after his upcoming single. Because what better promo than an on-again-off-again relationship that keeps you both in the press?

The photo is the extremely accelerant fuel to the rumor fire of a rekindled romance between the indecisive heartthrobs. Earlier this week, the pair were confirmed to have spent the Fourth of July together, and Gomez was photographed wearing Bieber's T-shirt in Disneyland.

Gomez is also gearing up to release another single, 'Slow Down,' from her upcoming album, 'Stars Dance,' which drops July 23. We're guessing their relationship ball will drop sometime around then, too.

Because romance.