Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are, once again -- for the umpteenth time -- back together.

However, this time there's a bit of a catch: Gomez has pretty much been enlisted by Bieber's camp not only for press, but also to keep the Canadian heartthrob on the straight and narrow.

TMZ reports that Gomez and Bieber are back on, but there are stipulations: Namely, he needs to stop acting like an entitled jackass all the time ... or at least in public.

Gomez is said to have steadfastly refused to shack up with the 'Baby' singer following their most recent split (you know, the 435,367th one) because he and his friends had pretty much started acting like mogwais fed after midnight.

Apparently the official reunion went down on the Fourth of July, with Bieber promising to Gomez that he'll change his ways. Though it sounds like a lot of hot air, sources insist Gomez was always a positive influence on the marijuana enthusiast, and that "if anyone can change him, it's her."

Additionally, the timeline of Bieber's bad behavior almost always coincides with his single status -- so expect his camp (and Gomez's publicity machine) to be thrilled that they're reunited. Just don't you dare ask her about it in an interview. Even though, you know, she included a voicemail from him on a song.

In the meantime, let's all bow our heads to Saintlena Gomez, who's dating a douche for our sins.

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