Justin Bieber is under fire for something he's actually not guilty of this time around. A song said to be by Bieber, 'What She Wants,' made its rounds on the web -- and featured who many thought was Biebs saying the N-word. But it wasn't him!

TMZ reports that someone opened a YouTube account that looks exactly like Bieber's -- the display name is even Justin Bieber -- but the actual username, if you look closely, is "1DTeamTurkey." Sneaky!

The song the user uploaded has a Bieber sound-alike singing what sounds an awful lot like the n-word around the 2:50 mark. But Bieber's camp (notably his legal team) insist that the singer on the track isn't the Canadian heartthrob, and that Bieber has nothing to do with the song. They're trying to get the song wiped from the Internet, but enough copycat accounts have ripped it to keep it around. Remember, everyone: The Internet is forever!

TMZ says that the song was originally by another artist named Khalil Underwood. It's unclear whether Underwood was aware of the hoax, but it sure did get his name out there!

Listen to the Justin Bieber Hoax Track

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