Some people love Justin Bieber a little too much. Case in point: A rabid Belieber stormed the stage in Dubai this weekend -- but the Canadian phenom didn't even blink.

The fan, reported to be a young man in jeans and a T-shirt, somehow managed to breach the Biebs' heavy security, got on the stage and grabbed the singer.

According to The National, an English-speaking publication in Dubai (via Hollywood Life), the guy was almost immediately swarmed by Bieber's goons and punted from the venue -- but not before he managed to knock over a grand piano. (He had to have hit that thing hard.)

The best part? Bieber didn't miss a single note.

Maybe when you know a guy plotted to murder you with paisley scarves and keep your naughty bits as souvenirs, something like this just doesn't even faze you anymore.