Judge Judy is rich, so if she wanted to pay $500,000 for china and flatware, it wouldn't be a problem for her. But when she doesn't actually owe that money? Do not waste the woman's time without expecting to get slayed.

C'mon, it doesn't say "stupid" on her forehead.

Some backstory: 'Judge Judy' producer Randy Douthit is divorcing his wife Patric Jones. Douthit sold their used Christofle tableware to Judy for $50,000.

Jones then sued Judy, saying she and Douthit tried to steal the china and tableware from her, and that it's worth over $500,000. Further, Jones' lawsuit says that Douthit tried to reduce his “profit participation” from the show so he could keep more money in his and Jones' divorce settlement. Jones said that she either wants her tableware back or that she wants Judy to pay for the full value of the set.

Got all that?

Turns out Judy isn't giving this broad a cent.

Douthit told TMZ, "The dishes and silverware that Ms. Jones describes as community property are being sent to me. I am truly sorry that Judge Judy Sheindlin was brought into this domestic dispute. She relied on my statement to her that the court had authorized the sale."

He added, "I agree with [my ex] that as community property she is entitled to half their value. She herself has valued them at more than $500,000. I do not want them and she is certainly welcome to have them as that is what she says she wants."

Douthit concluded, "When I get the cashier's check for $250,000, I will deliver them to her."

Oooh, we see what he did there. But Jones' lawyer said a check for $12,500 is on the way -- and looks like everyone is okay with that (we're not sure how the math works out there, but whatever).

As for Judy? She's not buying any of this baloney either.

"She and her attorney want a circus and I refuse to be a further participant in their drama," Judy snapped to TMZ.

"As Ms. Jones and her attorney assert, the items are community property, they are being packed and returned to Mr. Douthit [her producer] and she can proceed with her claim in divorce court."

An extra dig -- and a fine explanation? Judy quipped, "Anyway, my husband and I eat out most of the time."