Actor and universal hottie Johnny Depp was promoting his newest film 'The Lone Ranger' (in which he plays Native American Tonto because what could go wrong there?) when he was asked whom he'd like to play in his next movie.

After a pause, Depp admitted that he'd love to portray actress, singer and comedienne Carol Channing.

No, we didn't make that up. Our imaginations are good but they aren't that good.

The newly-shorn Depp was quite earnest about it, saying in response to laughter, "I mean that. She's fantastic."

Later in the interview, he admitted that when he was younger he would dress up as Channing. Which may have been the first time he donned women's clothing for funsies but certainly not the last (click the red button below for proof).

Depp also intimated that given the chance he would love to be in a Don Rickles biopic, and that's nice and all but if we get a vote on this, we're totally going with the Carol Channing thing. We'd watch it, and we bet the 92-year-old Broadway legend would too.

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