In news that should be surprisingly to exactly zero people, Taylor Swift is still mad about that big mean jerk John Mayer dumping her back in the day.

And the one thing that may bug her more than boys who do bad things (because nothing is ever her fault)? Losing at awards ceremonies.

That said, the ACMs turned out to be a perfect storm of "stink" for Swift.

Swift was reportedly so peeved that Mayer, who recently split from Katy Perry, was performing at the ceremony that she frowned pretty much the entire time. (Think of her face at the Golden Globes when she lost out to Adele.)

"She said she had to go on earlier than him," a source told Us Weekly.

The source added that Swift "was just really bitter that night" because she didn't take any trophies home. (The struggle!) Another source added, "John just being there irked her."

Swift reportedly was so miffed at the entire night's events that she went back to her room alone, skipping a scheduled postshow dinner party.

On the bright side, Swift is still a zillionaire, one of the biggest selling artists on the planet right now, 23 years old and has legs for days. If these are the most traumatic of her problems, we envy her on her worst day.

Especially considering it's John Mayer. Woman, you dodged a bullet. Quit pouting and get back on the (white) horse.

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