Former 'Full House' star Jodie Sweetin is divorcing from husband No. 3, and as is usually the case with the erstwhile Stephanie Tanner, she's astounded by just "how rude" he's getting in the proceedings.

TMZ reports that Sweetin was rumored to be in rehab after filing for divorce from Morty Coyle, to whom she wed in 2012. However, those reports are false.

Though Sweetin has been in a rehab center's building, she wasn't checked in -- the former meth addict was working at the facility.

"I work for the center and they have been really generous in helping me with a place to stay as Morty wanted me out by the end of the month," Sweetin explained. "The owners of the facility said I could stay here as I got things figured out."

Sweetin has a studio apartment upstairs from the center.

Despite insinuating that Coyle is the one spreading rumors about a relapse, Sweetin remains pretty mature about the split, even filing for joint custody so their two-year-old daughter Beatrix can "have both of her parents in her life."

Still, there's not much love lost here. "Breakups are hard and certain people [her husband] don't make them easier," she griped. "People get weird and stalkerish ... You never really know someone until you break up with them."