On April 24, rumors started circulating that FOX had a devious plan to boost falling ratings on 'American Idol' by replacing judge Mariah Carey mid-season with former judge Jennifer Lopez.

However, it seems like Lopez may have been the one doing the handlebar-mustache-twirling all along, since she's reportedly the one who wanted to return. Not that she would ever suggest they get rid of Mimi or anything.

According to Radar Online, J-Lo is tired of touring and wants to settle in L.A. with her kids, and she sees a long-term gig with 'Idol' as the perfect job.

"The twins will enter kindergarten in the Fall and stability is important for them -- and J-Lo -- at this time," a source said. "She’s looking for possible schools for the kids in Los Angeles at the moment.

"Plus, if she’s living in L.A. full-time she will be able to focus on her film career and other ventures, including her fashion business.”

That said, the insider insisted Jenny from the Block would never try to oust another judge now, but instead simply wants to return to the 'Idol' fold next season.

“If there was a ‘secret plot’ to replace Mariah, as has been suggested, then it was all FOX," the snitch dished. "J-Lo’s approach was about the future. Not the present. She’s talking about next season.”

Then Jennifer tied a damsel to some railroad tracks and crept off into the night.

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