Jennifer Lopez is a quadruple threat -- singer, dancer, actress, 'American Idol' judge -- but she had one huge threat to her safety recently. John M. Dubis stalked the 'Dance Again' songstress, even spending close to a month living on her property. Wait, what?!

TMZ reports that Dubis moved into the pool house of Lopez's Southampton, N.Y., mansion some time in early August.

Dubis freely roamed about the superstar's estate, even taking pictures of himself on the property. Here's what's nuts (or rather, the most nuts): security guards were patrolling the property the entire time. However, considering how massive the compound is (clocking in at about three acres), it likely was easy for Dubis to hide.

Dubis, against whom Lopez has a restraining order for contacting her mother, was arrested for burglary, criminal contempt and stalking. He pled not guilty and is awaiting his trial from jail instead of posting a bond ... and a judge has rightfully ordered a psychiatric evaluation.

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