Looks like Jennifer Lopez won't be awarded $20 million she likely couldn't collect anyway after she sued her former chauffeur for blackmailing her -- because her suit was dismissed by a judge on Dec. 21.

In August, Lopez filed suit against Hakob Manoukian, her former driver and head of security because he was supposedly threatening to reveal information about her. Something that surely violates the NDA she makes all her employees -- even her boyfriends -- sign.

After only a month on the job, Manoukian quit in 2011 after a dispute with her management team, and Lopez's legal papers go on to say that in October of last year, he tried to obtain money through "blackmail, extortion, and related acts."

Manoukian's lawyer allegedly "made written and oral demands that unless Manoukian was paid $2.8M, he would disclose sensitive and personal information that he had allegedly heard while driving Ms. Lopez."

We think we like the plot of 'Driving Miss Daisy' much better.

This would all be pretty cut-and-dried if it weren't for the fact that Lopez's claim was a counter-suit against Manoukian, who says he was forced to resign after not being given “production pay” Lopez owed him.

He says that as punishment for requesting that payment, he was demoted to the position of Lopez's Los Angeles driver and was “subjected to humiliating treatment by [her] manager."

Manoukian's original case is still pending. No word on the damages he's seeking for being forced to listen to Jennifer Lopez's music.