Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez split again right before 2013 kicked in. The reason this time?

Pretty much the same as the last 27 times.

The news broke, oddly enough, after the death of paparazzo Chris Guerra, who frequently stalked Bieber in hopes of catching the Canuck doing something, anything newsworthy.

Guerra, who reportedly called a pal and said Bieber was smoking weed out of a pipe shortly before he was killed, was pretty much full of it, according to those close to the 'Beauty and a Beat' singer.

Guerra claimed Bieber was toking up while driving the same white Ferrari that ended up getting the snapper killed. Thing is, Bieber was at the Four Seasons all day and only left to go to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles for lunch. Guerra also claimed he saw Gomez's car on the Four Seasons property, but that's where it all gets fuzzy.

Bieber's camp says that though he and Gomez went to Mexico together, they actually had another blowup fight and broke up on the trip. Gomez flew out the same day (Dec. 30) and came back to the states, while Bieber didn't come back until Dec. 31. Ostensibly still pissed at Bieber, Gomez never came to the Four Seasons on Jan. 1.

A combination of hectic schedules and teenage drama reportedly led to the split.

Apparently Gomez has been going out without Bieber, which bugs him, because she's usually the one freaking out and getting jealous all the time. “She’s been giving him a really hard time,” a source told The Daily News. “She’s been partying without him, and it drives him crazy.”

Still, don't expect it to stick.

“They keep breaking up and getting back together,” the source said. “It's an on-again, off-again relationship. It's probably not correct to characterize this as a final breakup."

Of course they'll get back together. No one else could keep Gomez relevant, and no one else could tolerate Bieber's stupidass pants.