'Vampire Diaries' hottie Ian Somerhalder does all kinds of nice things, but sometimes karma takes a day off -- a lesson he learned the hard way.

Ian posted this photo on Instagram on Tuesday after discovering that some thug smashed his car window and made off with his iPod.

He captioned the photo with a helpful tip for the burglar, saying, Times are tough I know-but whoever smashed my window last night&stole my iPod-you're in Luck;I just put some great new music on it!

Aw. What a stand-up guy. But then there was this more honest addendum: You're a dick FYI...

iPods are nice, but at least Ian probably has that music backed up somewhere, unlike Julianne Hough's $100K in jewelry that was swiped last week.

If we can learn anything here it's that you should always carry a decoy iPod filled with nothing but Justin Bieber dubstep remixes and Taylor Swift screaming goat videos. Take that, criminals!

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