Miley Cyrus attended an L.A. launch party for the revamped Myspace on June 12, and the only thing more questionable than a return to prominence for the once mighty but now-lagging social media site was her outfit.

The singer/actress/tryhard wore a glossy black leather jacket, which she teamed with white heels and a pair of Minotaur-like pants that were half-sweats, half-jeans.

Yes, one leg was a gray sweat. The other leg was made of light wash, baggy denim. Not even Cyrus, who puts a lot of effort into being daring with her ensembles, could make this work.

Jason Kempin, Getty Images

There's nothing cool or stylish or edgy or trendsetting about rolled up, '90s-inspired pants with an identity crisis. We don't know if she wants to work out or star in a rap video.

Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Here's a view from the rear. These things are worse than MC Hammer pants. Pairing them with white heels didn't add a dash of glam, either. If she's trying to "force" punk rock chic, she's failed. Epically.

Jason Kempsin, Getty Images

Cyrus was at the Jimmy Kimmel Live!' studios earlier in the day, wearing the same pants, but with a red, midriff-baring shirt and red heels. Which means she might love these pants enough to make them her new signature (as she's done with those striped 'Beetlejuice' pants she's been wearing so much lately). Oy.

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