Turn your umbrellas upside down, ladies.

In what can only be described as the best guys' night out ever, Gerard Butler, Jonah Hill, Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper made it rain at a club in Miami.

Page Six reports that the gratuitously good looking (okay, well, mostly) group rolled up to Story on Friday night (Feb. 1) with three bodyguards and took over.

The gaggle of gorgeousness has been hitting Miami hotspots together for a while now, including Olivier Martinez-owned club Villa Azur. Martinez and fiancee Halle Berry even joined the gents at Fontainebleu, where Martinez refused to dance with his lady.

Sans the French-bound couple, the guys literally made it rain with a four-foot water gun that they smuggled into the DJ booth and sprayed all over the dance floor. Something tells us if Hill acted alone, it would seem more douchey than hot, wouldn't it?

That's the price you pay for having the best wingmen on the planet.

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