Oh noes, Diddy was involved in a car wreck and the front end of his Cadillac Escalade was crushed by a Lexus. However will these bereft citizens deal with the physical and emotional damage?

Oh yeah. They're rich. So they'll just buy some new Cadillacs and Lexuses. (Lexi? Lexum?)

The accident occurred in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon when a Lexus took a left turn in front of Diddy's SUV, causing Diddy's driver (of course he has a driver) to smash into it.

Everyone involved complained of pain and an ambulance was called, but no one used its services for a stylish ride to the hospital.

That said, the wreck rattled Diddy enough that he stretched out on a patch of grass until he got his bearings back -- which of course caused a photo frenzy because ZOMG A RICH PERSON LYING ON THE GROUND.

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