Despite clearly being unfit to raise kids, Brooke Mueller has really strong opinions on how others should raise her kids. Specifically, fellow Charlie Sheen ex Denise Richards.

Richards is taking care of Mueller and Sheen's twins, Bob and Max. When Richards asked Mueller if she could bring the kids to their dad's Christmas party, Mueller -- and her lawyers -- read her the riot act.

TMZ reports that Richards requested to take the twins along with her own girls with Sheen, Sam and Lola, to Sheen's 'Anger Management' kids' Christmas party.

Mueller's perfectly rational response? "Absolutely not!"

To further drive her point home, Mueller also had her attorneys call Richards to threaten her if she dared take the tots to the soiree. Nice!

Mueller's own mother, Moira, showed up at Richards' door to take the two boys away from her. Seeing as Richards isn't actually their mom, she obliged.

Sources say Sheen wants Richards to watch his sons, and that she has before while Mueller sorted our her own issues, sometimes for as long as a month. However, since Mueller has legal and physical custody of the boys, it's ultimately up to her.

As for Mueller's latest beef with her winning ex? Mueller fired the boys' nanny after the nanny told her mom about her latest overdose -- and Sheen wants to hire the nanny back.

For those keeping score, Mueller is on her 19th -- yes, 19th -- stint in rehab, this time for Adderall addiction. Maybe she should leave the life decision making to someone who's a little better at it.

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