Poor widdle Chris Brown is so exhausted after smoking all that weed and performing during his Carpe Diem tour, but mostly he's exhausted by the never-ending speculation love triangle between himself, Rihanna and Karrueche Tran.

We never thought we'd say this, and it could be the warning signs of that apocalypse that never was, but we kind of agree with Chris Brown. We know, we're scared too.

According to a source who doesn't understand all the finer points of the English language, “The first thing the homie will do when he get to the crib is knock out in his own bed for a few days and watch some TV.”

“He need some of that these days. To chill out and breathe,” the source added.

Despite his exhaustion created by Rihanna's love of flaunting their non-relationship on Instagram, rumors are still flying that Brown may have to choose between spending Christmas in Barbados with Rihanna or in Los Angeles with Karrueche.

Why Chris Brown is being given either of these two options is beyond us.

“I just don’t know if he trying to go out to Barbados and be with Ri and her family and her crew. That’s a tough one just because the way they been going at each other and not talking as much,” a source said of the newly single RiRi.

A different source weighed in on Karreuche saying, “As far as KT goes, she in L.A. holding it down for him. She making him feel wanted and wants to spend time with him and be with him over Christmas.”

Thus the never-ending battle of who will win the heart of Chris Brown continues. Will it be rumored girlfriend Karrueche Tran or the constantly topless Rihanna? We're still holding out that both women come to their senses.

Team Chris Brown to die alone! Please? It can be our Christmas and our birthday present.

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