You have to be pretty misguided and have relatively poor taste to be a Chris Brown fan to begin with, but it's especially difficult now that he's going and calling members of his very own "Team Breezy" fat.

Over Instagram. Because that's what he does.

Brown, who recently engaged in a cyber war with a professional troll over Twitter, took to the hipster photo filter app to vent about criticism of his weight loss. (Pictures are like, a lot easier than words, you know?)

His fans had expressed concern over his newly slim bod (whereas before he was more tank-like and muscular), and he responded the best way he knows how: through insensitivity, vulgarity and poor judgment.

"The funniest s--- is the comments on me being too skinny! Half of y’all bitches are super obese and fat as
f---!” Brown wrote (quotes via Clutch Magazine).

Not one to blindly judge, Breezy also offered some guidance to his followers.

“I dance and workout constantly! It’s called being healthy. Some need stop running their mouth and get that fat ass on a treadmill. I can hear u wheezing on my comments.”

Unfortunately for Brown, his physical health doesn't match up to his mental, emotional or psychological well being. If he really wanted to help his fans out, he'd suggest they get some self-respect ... but that would mean they'd also stop buying his records.