Between the Sheets
Cher appeared on Bravo's 'Watch What Happens Live' last night (June 27) and dished about her famous lovers in a special segment cheekily named 'Truth or Cher.' And in case you didn't know, former boyfriend Tom Cruise ranks pretty high on her sexytime list. And you thought him macking it to Katie Holmes was super weird when that first happened.
Wigging Out
Cher made her triumphant return to the stage last night on 'The Voice,' performing live for the first time in a decade, but while her new single 'Woman's World' was an upbeat girl-power anthem, we were a more than a little distracted by what the legend had on her head.
'Woman's World'
Music icon Cher is finally returning to the stage to give what is sure to be a fabulous live performance -- her first in 10 years. And we're so excited we're even ignoring the fact that this momentous appearance will occur on the season finale of 'The Voice.'
Seeing Double
To promote Cher appearing on her show on May 2, Ellen DeGeneres shared a photo of herself "dressed" in the infamous sheer bodysuit Cher wore in her 'If I Could Turn Back Time' video. With a little help from Photoshop, of course.
Tweets of the Day
Today on Twitter several celebrities weighed in on yesterday's (April 15) Boston Marathon bombing, while the rest were preoccupied with other important business.
Calm Down, Cher's Fine
Twitter hashtags only have a couple purposes: track current conversational trends, and maybe keep people informed (or distracted). But every now and then a poorly-worded phrase confuses the masses. Like Susan Boyle's anal bum party. Or, in this case, a hashtag about today's passing of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher -- which oddly had Cher fans in an uproar.
That's So Gay
Cher could be returning to the small screen after a 40-year break since starring in the variety show 'The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour' alongside now-deceased hubby Sonny Bono. She just won't have her original cheekbones this time around.