Peter Robbins, who voiced Charlie Brown in all your favorite 'Peanuts' specials, has been sentenced to a year in jail for threatening an ex-girlfriend, stalking her plastic surgeon and forgetting the true meaning of Christmas.

Robbins, 56, was arrested in January on the charges after being picked up near the Mexican border and has been in jail since. He had called his ex 37 times in 24 hours and frightened her plastic surgeon so badly that she hired a bodyguard.

Superior Court Judge Dwayne Moring sentenced Robbins to a year in jail, with immediate release to a drug treatment center for alcohol and prescription medication addiction. He's also on probation for five years and had to pay the surgeon $15,082, which is a hell of a lot of nickels.

Moring then sealed his ruling by telling Robbins, "Don't be a blockhead." (Seriously. He said that.)

Robbins, meanwhile, held back tears in court as he apologized "for any fear that [he] caused" and expressed a desire to become the "fun-loving" person he once was.

Oh, brother.