Every four years, we in the US go to the polls to elect (or re-elect) a president. And yeah, we know the political ads that seem to run endlessly are a downer, and we know voting itself can be a pain in the ass -- but that doesn't mean we shouldn't take part in the process anyway.

If you haven't already voted, we encourage you to do so. And while you're waiting in what could be very long lines (take some water and a snack, srsly), maybe this helpful guide detailing which celebs have supported each of the major party candidates will keep you entertained.

Mitt Romney

The GOP candidate certainly has a colorful list of backers, as evidenced by the melodically-creative song stylings of Meat Loaf, the civic-minded flip-flopping of Lindsay Lohan, and the infamous empty-chair conversations courtesy of Clint Eastwood.

If the endorsements of faded TV stars are more your style, you may take comfort in the Romney endorsement from Melissa Joan Hart, or this one from 'Clueless' star Stacey Dash.

But hey, at least Mitt has the backing (so to speak) of porn star Jenna Jameson -- and points to her for honesty. While partying at a strip club, she said, "When you're rich, you want a Republican in office."

President Obama

We're big fans of Obama's around here, and we have some star-studded (and often hilarious) company. Between Joss Whedon's fears of the zombie apocalypse, Lena Dunham's sexy double-entendres, Chris Rock's faux-earnest 'Message for White Voters' and Tina Fey's feminist rage against the machine, it would be easy to mistake the election for an episode of 'Saturday Night Live' (and oh, what fun they've had).

On the musical side, Madonna and Katy Perry have both worn their support, Bruce Springsteen has given a slew of free concerts at Obama rallies, and Cee Lo and Jay-Z have flipped (and sometimes, flipped off) the lyrics of their own popular songs to show allegiance to the president.

And of course there are always more endorsements for both sides from stars of varying wattage.

But all this aside -- no matter where your political loyalties lie, just vote. And don't let anyone tell you it doesn't matter. It does.

I'm the editor of StarCrush, and I approved this message.