It’s hard not to be a fan of Joss Whedon's. He brought us many beloved TV shows and most recently made ‘The Avengers,’ a comic book movie even non-nerds enjoyed. He’s brilliant and funny and his characters are deeply rooted in our pop culture consciousness.

And now he’s endorsed Mitt Romney.

Wait, what? We know from the 2008 campaign that the self-proclaimed "Liberal American" is an Obama supporter.

But it seems Whedon has rethought his position, because he's now announced his support of the GOP challenger for president thanks to Romney's ability to “put this country back on the path to the zombie apocalypse.”

Whedon's experience with disastrous apocalyptic worlds has taught him that Romney’s promises to make “deep rollbacks in healthcare, education, social services, reproductive rights” will result in “poverty, unemployment, overpopulation, disease, rioting -- all crucial elements in creating a nightmare zombie wasteland.”

Of course this excites Mr. Whedon, because he loves that kind of stuff.

He seems most enthralled by the prospect of Romney’s “commitment to unregulated corporate privilege” because it “will nosedive this economy into true insolvency and chaos.”

Yes, Joss, sounds like oodles of fun. Let’s have some of that.

In the end, he turns us into believers by saying, “Mitt’s not afraid to face a ravening grasping hoard of subhumans -- because that’s how he sees poor people already.”

If you need us, we'll just be over here learning hand-to-hand combat. Might come in handy someday.

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