It's kind of eery how similar Shia LaBeouf looks when next to a young Albert Einstein. We'd suggest a biopic, but we're worried how that would end up for Shia's co-stars. It wouldn't be fair to wish that on anyone.

Shia is known for being a little unhinged and a whole lot full of himself, so much so that we're sure even hearing that he looks like Einstein will set him on a whole new career path or have him financing his own movie on Kickstarter dubbed 'Young Einstein.' Actually, we changed our mind -- Mel Brooks, get on that.

As hard as it is to believe, the crazy white-haired theoretical physicist Albert Einstein was once a young man. However, long before he made the equation E = mc² famous, he was a time traveling Shia LaBeouf, who tired of the modern world not taking him seriously and went back and switched places with his scientist counterpart. Hypothetically, of course.

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