Shia LaBeouf

10 More Celebs Who Just Can't Quit Twitter
Considering Twitter is the easiest medium for which celebs to communicate with fans, the press and one another, it's no surprise that a lot of famous folk are sort of addicted to it. So much so that when they leave, they come right back.
Shia-ing Away
Back in February, Shia LaBeouf and Alec Baldwin allegedly had “creative differences” over their Broadway play 'Orphans,' which had Shia quitting and then sharing confusing and very personal emails about the entire situation on Twitter. But last night, Apr. 1, LaBeouf went on 'Late Night With David Letterman' and actually tried to make sense of it all. Sort of.
WikiLeaks Would Be Proud
The saga of the Broadway play on which Shia LaBeouf bailed continues, as Alec Baldwin, hurt that LaBeouf would share his private emails, fires back -- and LaBeouf returns fire by making even more personal notes public. It's like our own little celebrity version of WikiLeaks.
Agree to Disagree
Shia LaBeouf recently walked out of what was going to be his Broadway debut, a play called 'Orphans' co-starring Alec Baldwin. While producers say he left due to “creative differences,” LaBeouf is painting a different picture on Twitter, trying to prove through email screenshots that ... well, we're not entirely sure what he's trying to prove here.
Shia's LaBeouf-ing Someone New
Shia LaBeouf is back to dating co-stars – since those are the only women seemingly willing to date him – but this time with a notable difference. Seems this lady love is more in Shia's league. As in, LaBeouf finally didn't bag himself a ten. Or a nine. Or even an eight for that matter.