Where Are They Now?

Then + Now: The Cast of ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’
Released in 1999, 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' followed Minnesota teen beauty queens as they vied for the title of American Teen Princess. The hilarious fake documentary starred Kirsten Dunst and Denise Richards as rival contestants in this charming satire of small towns, pageants, and overbearing mothers.
Then + Now: The Cast of ‘Roswell’
In 1999, the WB (now known as the CW) premiered a little show called 'Roswell.' Based on the popular Young Adult books of the same name, the show followed a trio of teens who befriend another group of teens, but their new friends turn out to be aliens. It's a teen drama series with a sci-fi twist!
Then + Now: 'My So-Called Life'
Few shows spoke to teens of the '90s like 'My So-Called Life,' the story of angsty Angela Chase, who had to juggle typical high school woes like studying, friendships, and a gut-wrenching crush on the cutest boy in school. Let's take a look back at the cast of this tragically sho…
Then + Now: Ariana Richards from ‘Jurassic Park’
Back in 1993, Ariana Richards was fleeing from dinosaurs run amok on a crazy island theme park in 'Jurassic Park,' but it's been 20 years since that film was released. (We can hardly believe it, either.) So what's the former child star up to these days?

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