Based on the hit series of YA novels of the same name, the show 'Sweet Valley High' starred real-life twins Brittany and Cynthia Daniel as popular sisters Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield. Almost 20 years after the show's debut, we check in with the Daniel sisters to see what they've been up to.


Brittany and Cynthia Daniel were widely known as the Doublemint twins for starring in the chewing gum company's commercials before landing their very own TV series with 'Sweet Valley High.' Based on the characters created by Francine Pascal in her classic series of young adult books, the show followed identical-looking (but not identical-acting) twins Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield as they navigated life in high school.

The twins also starred on 'The New Leave it to Beaver' series and made their film debut in the 1996 drama 'The Basketball Diaries' with Leonardo DiCaprio.


Brittany and Cynthia Daniel
Barry King, FilmMagic

Cynthia retired from acting after 'Sweet Valley High,' returning only once in 2002 for an appearance in the short-lived series 'That '80s Show,' in an episode that featured her sister. Cynthia is now a photographer and is married to actor Cole Hauser; the pair have two children.

Brittany continues to act, and has appeared in films like 'Joe Dirt' and 'Skyline' (the above photo was taken at the 'Skyline' premiere -- Brittany is on the right). She had a starring role on 'That '80s Show,' and on the series 'The Game,' which ended in 2011.

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