Back in 1993, Ariana Richards was fleeing from dinosaurs run amok on a crazy island theme park in 'Jurassic Park,' but it's been 20 years since that film was released. (We can hardly believe it, either.) So what's the former child star up to these days?


Ariana Richards starred in 'Tremors' and 'Switched at Birth' before landing the role of Lex, the computer whiz who was terrified of dinosaurs in 1993's 'Jurassic Park.' Richards went on to star in the fantastic coming-of-age story 'Angus' in 1995, and briefly reprised the role of Lex for 'The Lost World: Jurassic Park' in 1997.


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Richards left acting in 2001, following a role in the direct-to-video sequel 'Tremors 3: Back to Perfection.' She hadn't been acting much before she retired, anyway, popping up on shows like 'Boy Meets World' and starring in a couple of TV movies.

These days, Richards lives in Oregon, where she focuses on her career as an artist. She's pretty accomplished, too -- in October of 2005, Richards won first place in the National Professional Oil Painting Competition, sponsored by American Artist Magazine.

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