The Bachelor

Competitive Edge
Boiled down to its essence, 'The Bachelorette' is a program about beautiful, lumbering nitwits vying for the attention of a beautiful, vapid woman. Oftentimes that means trying to impress her by sheer swag, but one past contestant is saying that many go to extremes and turn to steroids to …
V-Card Stamped
Sean Lowe is basically the all-American male. He has traditional values, he's a virgin and he lies about those first two things to impress people -- particularly people who watch 'The Bachelor.'
Bucking the Odds
The newest 'Bachelor' couple -- Sean Lowe and his chosen one, Catherine Giudici -- have been dealing with tabloid rumors that they're on the outs. But those whispers shouldn't be surprising considering the success rate for 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette' is only about 16 percent.
Which is a who…
Virgin Marry
‘Bachelor’ star Sean Lowe knows the show’s winner, Catherine Giudici, is the one for him. Apparently, she’s also the first one for him.
Well, sort of.
Two to Tango
The world learning he's engaged may be the second biggest piece of news for ‘Bachelor’ star Sean Lowe this week.
'The Bachelor' Recap
The greatest love story since Anne Hathaway began her torrid romance with orchestrated surprise is complete now that Sean has chosen the woman of his pre-arranged dreams on the season finale of 'The Bachelor.'
So, who did he choose -- Catherine or Lindsay?
Family Ties
Sean Lowe, star of this season's 'The Bachelor,' is thisclose from pretend-proposing to one of two women before they inevitably break up and go their separate ways.
So it's a good thing they don't know he possibly offered to give his own sister his sperm so she could have a …
'The Bachelor' Recap
On Monday's episode of 'The Bachelor,' Sean took the three women still in the running for the Neil Lane ring he's getting free of charge on overnight dates to Thailand. Because flying halfway across the world is the most normal thing to do when paring down your list of potential …
'The Bachelor' Recap
On Monday night's episode, the four remaining women on 'The Bachelor' tried to prove that home is where the heart is. Or least where girls who are so desperately in need of validation they're willing to demean themselves by letting a man they don't know propose in a game sho…
Tierra's Rebound
Tierra, this season’s resident villain on ‘The Bachelor’, apparently got over her broken heart pretty fast -- because she's already engaged.
'The Bachelor' Recap
Sean's world tour on 'The Bachelor' continued on Monday's episode, with six groupies women desperate to accompany him on the talk show circuit marry him hot on his heels.
'The Bachelor' Recap
It’s a big day in any man’s life when his roster of girlfriends is trimmed down to single digits. That’s where Tuesday night’s episode of ‘The Bachelor’ began, with Sean and his nine damsels of distress heading to …
'The Bachelor' Recap
Monday's episode of 'The Bachelor' proved a man simply cannot date 11 women without more than just a wee bit of drama. Sorry to shatter your belief system.
'The Bachelor' Recap
New episodes of ‘The Bachelor’ -- ABC’s ‘Sister Wives’ for the dating pool and cable-deprived -- resumed Monday night with Sean continuing to sift through the lot of ladies like he was picking bananas in the supermarket.