Tierra, this season’s resident villain on ‘The Bachelor’, apparently got over her broken heart pretty fast -- because she's already engaged.

The woman who spent more time crying and whining than a bullied fourth grader was booted off ABC’s train wreck of a dating show this week after Sean was finally hit by a thunderbolt that maybe, just maybe, he didn’t want to be married to a woman who looks like a prime candidate for an anti-depression drug clinical trial.

But even after all that drama, Tierra LiCausi (yes, these contestants actually have last names) and her self-proclaimed "uncontrollable eyebrows" are getting hitched to a boyfriend who’s been in and out of her life the last few years.

Her older brother, Tyler, said, “Tierra got engaged in January. We’re ecstatic for her. She is so happy!”

Tyler added his sis and the man, whose identity is being kept secret – what, is he Batman or something? - dated sporadically for three years and broke up last summer before she made a play for her 15 minutes of fame on ‘The Bachelor,’ but her ex soon had a "huge change of heart and wanted to get her back."

Supposedly, the couple reunited in November on the very day Sean, the erstwhile bachelor, sent her packing. While we don't know who the unnamed dude is, Tyler did say the man and his family “have a very lucrative business in Las Vegas.” (Translation: He’ll be in jail within five years for money laundering.)

Tyler also revealed Tierra's engagement ring - which she showed off on her Instagram account - “is kind of insane. The main stone is a four-carat yellow diamond and it’s surrounded by a set of white diamonds." He added ABC wants his sister to bring her soon-to-be hubby with him during the ‘Women Tell All’ special ‘The Bachelor’ does, and she’s thinking it over.

Tierra is also reportedly a little peeved that ABC made her out to be the bad girl this season, proving that she's blissfully unaware of what happens when you combine her meltdowns with the network's hiring of a good editor. Tyler said, “Tierra says she kept to herself most of the time and was just there to see what was up with her and Sean, not to make friends.”

Well, then, mission accomplished.

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