Carey Hart -- truck and motorcycle racer and husband of Pink -- got into a fight with a photographer on Wednesday night (June 12) in Malibu after the shutterbug allegedly started taking photos of Pink changing daughter Willow's diaper.

This did not sit well with Hart or the friend who was with them, and ball-kicking supposedly ensued shortly thereafter.

Although it wasn't a TMZ pap who so infuriated Hart, the site was still on the scene (of course) to get all the "WTF is happening?" video, which features people using phones to summon the police, waiters forgetting they should be doing their jobs, and cameras getting nonchalantly kicked off picnic tables.

You can watch that above if you so choose, but here's some narrative to help you out first.

The video was taken after the alleged ball-tapping, but you can see both the photog and Hart's friend (in the white shirt) are on the phone, during which time Carey's buddy half-heartedly kicks the photographer's camera off the table it's sitting on.

The police arrive, no arrests seem to be made and Carey and his friend go to leave, but not before the photographer starts yelling about the sheriff's department in Malibu showing favoritism to celebrities. (We highly recommend you skip to the end of the video for that, which starts around the 2:16 mark.)

If you've ever wanted to see a man in a pink shirt yell "Carey's a punk ass bitch!" and rant a lot while Hart gleefully points to him and says, "Make sure TMZ runs that," then this is totally the video for you.

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