Celebrity Twitters run the range from funny to self-promoting to just plain boring, but fake celebrity Twitter accounts? Now that's where the real fun is.

Within this list are the most hilarious parody accounts -- or at least the ones that are still in existence. Trust us, these hilarious copies are way better than the real thing. Mostly because they'll never beg you to buy their new perfume or ask you to tune into their lame interview.

Check out who you should start following below!

@KimKierkegaard (KimKierkegaardashian)

The philosophy of Søren Kierkegaard mashed with the tweets and observations of Kim Kardashian.

When the vain and inane ramblings of Kim Kardashian meet the deep thoughts of Kierkegaard you are in for a treat.

@feministtswift (FeministTaylorSwift)

Happy. Free. Confused. Oppressed by the patriarchy. At the same time.

Boyfriend loving Taylor Swift is the exact opposite of what we would call a feminist, so what happens when her tweets get a dash of girl power. Warning: we are not responsible if any song parodies get stuck in your head.

@ZooeySiri (Zooey Asks Siri)

Sometimes I get confused, so I ask Siri...

Plenty of people were confused that Zooey Deschanel could be so useless that she needs to ask Siri if it's raining when it clearly is. On this Twitter the idiotic demands will never end!

@michael_bay__ ( fake michael_bay)

The original imposter. All others are imposter imposters.
Geniusville, America. · cfainc.org

Director Michael Bay likes blowing things up and torturing us with movies like 'Pearl Harbor' and the upcoming 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' which is pretty much what this parody account is centered on.

@InvisibleObama (Invisible Obama)

Stage Left of Clint Eastwood

Inspired by that time Clint Eastwood talked to a chair and pretended it was President Obama, Invisible Obama tweets about all things trending not just being invisible.

@PimpBillClinton (Pimp B. Clinton)

Hung like a horse and high as a giraffe's ass. Also, Ambassador to Saudi Labia. Also, not really Bill Clinton.

If former President Bill Clinton could let his pimp flag fly, this might be what he says. Assuming that he's a drug using nymphomaniac on a regular basis.

@SiriAndJohn (Siri And John)

Mr. Malkovich speaks of love and linguiça. Not associated with the actor or with Apple.

Much like the Zooey Deschanel Siri account but with less cutesy tendencies and more John Malkovich crazy talk. Only works if you imagine it spoken in your head by John Malkovich.

@Nick_Nolte (Nick Nolte's Mugshot)

Aw hell, sugar, I ain't affiliated with the actor Nick Nolte. I'm only a fictional entity based on his mugshot. Whatever the shit that means. (*spits*)

Inspired by Nick Nolte's infamous mug-shot, this account likes to talk like Nick Nolte as if he were in the constant state he was when his mugshot was taken. I.e. inebriated.

@Queen_UK (Elizabeth Windsor)

The British Empire · gin-oclock.com

The inner-workings of the mind of reigning Queen Elizabeth. Just as we thought, she's much sassier than her prim and proper exterior leads us to believe.

@NotBurtReynolds (Not Burt Reynolds)

I invented the mustache. I take my hat off for one thing. One thing only.
East Bound and Down · wafflehouse.com

Burt Reynolds as Burt Reynolds everybody. If you need us, we'll be imagining that this account is really run by him and he just doesn't want to let anyone in on the secret.

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