It doesn't just take two to tango -- it also takes a dance partner (as it were) to make a baby. And Ariel Winter's father has finally stepped forward to do more than provide a Y chromosome -- he says he wants guardianship of the 'Modern Family' actress.

This after weeks and weeks of his daughter being in the news for abuse allegations against her mother, of course. Took him long enough.

When Ariel's sister Shanelle Workman filed a claim for permanent guardianship, the sisters' father Glenn Workman stepped in with a bid of his own and a request to "allow [him] the chance to function as a healthy parent and help Ariel through this ordeal."

While Shanelle claims that Glenn is estranged from Ariel and is unable to properly care for her, Glenn is singing a completely different tune.

"I am her biological father and have always strived to be a constant in her life," he said, adding that he has always “loved her, cared for her, supported her, and assisted her busy lifestyle” and that he's more than willing to “move back to the family residence.”

Ariel's older brother Jimmy Workman continues to fight against Shanelle, telling a judge in a written statement on Monday that his parents (not his sister) are the appropriate guardians for Ariel.

In addition to Jimmy, Ariel's uncle, godfather and pediatrician (in other words, pretty much everyone but the town drunk) filed for guardianship on behalf of her mom Chrystal Workman, who was recently stripped of custody.

Most of these witnesses allegedly don't trust Shanelle and doubt her own allegations of abuse when she was a child. She and Chrystal have been estranged for 20 years.

"The whole situation has turned into a circus and places Ariel in a position she should not have to be in," Daddy Workman said. "Ariel needs a safe haven. A place where she can find complete acceptance and a loving environment. I can provide that for her, as her father."

We'd feel a whole lot better about this outpouring of paternal affection if Ariel's bank account weren't quite so large.

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